Goose liver oysters

In this preparation, the liver is marinated in Macvin du Jura, a wine described as rich with impressions of hay, resin, and almond paste.

Creation by Jonnie Boer, Librije’s Atelier, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Goose liver oysters

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goose liver, cleaned



Macvin du Jura






curing salt




As needed:


edible silver spray

Preparation method

  • Marinate the liver in the Macvin du Jura, cognac, and salts for at least twelve hours.
  • After marinating the liver, pull vacuum and place in a sous vide system for 25 minutes at exactly 52°C.
  • Drain in a conical sieve to allow the fat to drain off.
  • Cool the liver, so that it firms up again.
  • Place the liver in a piping bag and knead until the liver is soft and supple.
  • Pipe the liver into oyster mould trays.
  • Freeze the moulds and release the liver once it has solidified sufficiently.
  • Place on a tray and spray with silver spray.
  • Defrost slowly.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a composition with beetroot, oyster, and pickled sushi ginger.
  • As a component in a composition with almonds, caramelised onion, brioche, and apple.

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