Grilled oysters

Creation by Nicolai Nørregaard, Kadeau* restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Makes 4.

Grilled oysters

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Preparation method

  • Start a fire with beech wood. Grill the oysters over the flames. Depending on the size and type of oyster, grill it on the lid for one to three minutes, turn, and grill for another one to three minutes.
  • When you see steam coming out from the shell, it is done.
  • Open the oyster if it is not open yet. Discard the grey part of the oyster and cut the big white muscle into four slices. This should be done two minutes before plating.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a dish with kale and hemp components.
  • Combined with samphire, tarragon, and birchwoodjuice.
  • Delicious as part of a dish with cucumber, radish, and ginger.

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