H2O ganache

H2O ganache on a water, chocolate and oil base. The ganache is thickened by emulsifying with the chocolate (cocoa butter) and oil. This makes an entirely lactose-free ganache.

Creation by Hans Heiloo, Bakery Institute, Zaandam, the Netherlands.+

Makes 1450g.

H2O ganache

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invert sugar






dark chocolate (68%)



neutral oil

Preparation method

  • Heat the water, invert sugar and glucose to the boiling point.
  • Allow to cool and pour over the chocolate.
  • Stir quickly to form an emulsion.
  • While continuing to stir, add the oil into the mixture in a steady stream.
  • Pour into a mould and leave to crystalise for 12-18 hours.
  • Cut to size and process as desired.

Serving suggestions

  • This ganache can also be used as the filling for a tartelette. Inlay a ring with a diameter of 70mm and height of 10mm with sweetened shortbread pastry (2mm thick); pre-bake or let dry for a night and finish by baking at 160°C (conventional oven) or 150°C (convection oven). Lightly coat a tray with chocolate and pour in the ganache. Leave to cool and stiffen. Decorate with a tuile of grue de cacao.
  • Can also be used as a component of a dessert or cut into bonbons.
  • Dust the cut squares in cocoa powder and decorate.

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