Halibut sashimi with yuzu

Sashimi is a Japanese dish made with fresh raw fish and shellfish that is thinly sliced with a very sharp knife.

Halibut sashimi with yuzu

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halibut fillet



Icelandic salt




Preparation method

  • Use a vegetable peeler to cut one ribbon from the peel of the yuzu. Remove the pith and cut the peel into a fine julienne.
  • Use a microplane grater to grate the rest of the peel and mix this zest through the salt.
  • Season the fillets with the salt and wrap up tightly in paper.
  • Allow to rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
  • Cut the fillets into even strips and garnish with the julienne of the peel.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with sukiyaki.
  • Serve the classic way with wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce.

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