Houseplant of red beet

Creation by Yornie van Dijk, student at Cas Spijkers Academie, Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Houseplant of red beet

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red beet, raw



red beet juice



Tahoon cress

Preparation method

  • Cut the red beet into 2cm thick slices and prick with a small skewer. Save the beet cuttings.
  • Boil the beet slices and cuttings in the red beet juice until done but still firm.
  • Let cool and slice the beet cuttings into tine strips (julienne).
  • Make a deep cutaway on the top side of the protruding cylinders, and place the beets (cut julienne) in it.
  • Garnish with a sprig of Tahoon cress between the stalks.

Serving suggestions

  • In combination with beet mayonnaise and pickled apple.
  • As part of a starter, amuse-bouche or main dish, e.g. with components of celeriac, onion, mushrooms and potato.

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