Irish coffee

This might very well be the most famous coffee in the world. Here is the most traditional version of the recipe.

Irish coffee

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Irish whiskey



whipping cream



coffee, black




Preparation method

  • Take the cream from the refrigerator and beat semi-thick immediately.
  • Pour the whiskey in a heat-proof glass.
  • Stir the sugar through the whiskey.
  • Pour the coffee over the whiskey and continue stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Place a spoon with the convex side facing up against the edge of the glass, just above the coffee.
  • Gently pour the semi-thick cream over the convex side of the spoon into the glass. Pour slowly, so that the cream will float on top of the coffee.

Serving suggestions

  • Process the flavours into an Irish coffee espuma.
  • Process the flavours into various structures to create an Irish coffee dessert.

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