Jerusalem artichoke stock

You can vary endlessly with this stock by adding or replacing ingredients. The Jerusalem artichoke gives this stock a slightly sweet flavour, especially when you cook the stock a little longer.

Creation by Jonnie Boer, Librije’s Atelier, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Makes 1l.

Jerusalem artichoke stock

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Jerusalem artichokes 


red chilli pepper


bay leaf



lemon juice



Jerusalem artichoke flowers

As needed: 


xanthan gum

As needed: 



Preparation method

  • Wash the Jerusalem artichokes and juice in the juicer.
  • Bring the juice to the boil and then pour through a sieve. 
  • Add a slice of the red chilli pepper, the bay leaf, Jerusalem artichoke flowers, salt, and lemon juice and infuse for two hours. 
  • Pour the stock through a sieve. 
  • Thicken with a little xanthan gum. 

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a composition with baked potato, Jerusalem artichoke, walnut, and onion.
  • As a component in a composition with caramelised Jerusalem artichoke, beurre noisette, and scallops.
  • Use in a composition with components of poultry, eggplant, and lentils.

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