Lentil sprouts

You can sprout all kinds of seeds, grains, or legumes. Lentils are legumes and can easily be sprouted by following the instructions below. The sprouts are delicious served as a garnish or used as the basis for a salad.

Makes approximately 50g.

Lentil sprouts

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Preparation method

  • Rinse the lentils with cold water and then soak them in cold water for twelve hours.
  • Transfer to a jar and cover with a passing cloth.
  • Fasten the cloth with a piece of string or a large elastic band.
  • Put the jar in a dark place and leave for twelve hours.
  • Now put the jar in a place that receives a lot of sunlight and leave to continue sprouting.
  • Briefly rinse with cold water every day, pouring off the liquid through the passing cloth that has been fastened. 
  • The sprouts can be eaten raw.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a salad or as part of a roll or sandwich.
  • Delicious as a fresh and crunchy garnish on starters, entremets, and main dishes.
  • As an attractive finish for a lentil soup.

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