Mango ravioli

Mango ravioli

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mango, thinly sliced



sugar water (1:1)



allspice berries



star anise pods



cinnamon stick

Preparation method

  • Heat the sugar water with the spices and infuse for 10 minutes.
  • Add the spices and set aside to cool.
  • Punch out rounds of the mango with a cutter and place in a shallow tray that fits in the vacuum machine.
  • Pour the cooled sugar water over the mango slices and evacuate the machine twice. The mango slices are now impregnated with the flavour of the spices. 
  • Lay the slices of impregnated mango on a sheet and squeeze a dot of filling (such as a lemon-ginger mascarpone) on top of each.
  • Cover with a second slice of mango, and push gently down around the middle using a dessert ring that fits over the lump of filling.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a dessert with Asian flavours.
  • As part of a dessert with flambéed banana.
  • As a component in a dessert with roasted pineapple.

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