Mini croquette of egg yolk coated in prawn crackers

Cooked to precisely the right temperature to give the yolk a soft structure and enable it to withstand the heat of the deep-fryer.

Creation by Jir Boschoff, student at Cas Spijkers Academie, Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Mini croquette of egg yolk coated in prawn crackers

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As needed:



As needed:


prawn crackers

As needed:


smoked salt

Preparation method

  • Heat the Roner or other hot water bath to 61°C.
  • Place the eggs in the bath and simmer for 2 hours.
  • Rinse for at least 5 minutes until cold.
  • In the meantime, finely grind uncooked prawn cracker sheets in the blender.
  • Crack the eggs, rinse the egg white from the yolks and, whilst the yolks are still moist, coat in the ground prawn crackers.
  • Briefly deep-fry at 180°C until the prawn crackers have puffed up and the egg is lukewarm inside.


Serving suggestions

  • Salads, amuse-bouches, garnish for entremets and main courses.

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