Mustard paper

Crunchy with the full flavour of mustard. A very simple crisp, easy to make in any kitchen.

Creation by Gijs Kemmeren, GK Foods, Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands.

Mustard paper

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mashed potato



mustard, fine



egg whites




Preparation method

  • You don't need to mash the potatoes first, but for smaller quantities in particular this makes it easier to achieve a smooth mixture.
  • Mix the lukewarm mash, egg white, and mustard together in a blender until a smooth mixture is formed.
  • Season to taste with salt.
  • Spread thinly onto silicone sheets.
  • Dry in the oven at 85°C for approximately an hour.
  • The drying time depends on many factors. A good way to check whether it's dry enough is to see if the crisp comes away from the sheet easily.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of an adaptation of kale, sausage, and mustard.
  • As a crispy garnish in a composition.
  • In a composition with components of game, red cabbage, onion, and chicory.

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