Opening oysters

The fundamental part of any oyster dish. Contrary to what is often claimed, the liquid in the oyster shell is pure seawater. This can be discarded. But once opened, the oyster begins to give off a juice that is in fact very tasty.

Opening oysters

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As needed:


oysters, any type

Preparation method

  • Fold a kitchen towel in half several times and place in your left hand (or right hand, if you are left-handed).
  • Place the oyster in your palm, round side down and with the hinge side towards you.
  • Push an oyster knife into the hinge side and pry the shells apart.
  • Cut the valve muscle free from the top shell.
  • Pour off the liquid, which is pure seawater.
  • Now, cut the oyster and valve muscle free and turn over. 
  • The oyster will now produce its own juice, which will give it its delicate flavour.

Serving suggestions

  • As an amuse-bouche.
  • As a starter.
  • As a component of a fruits de mer tasting platter.

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