Orange marmalade

It does not take much effort to make marmalade yourself, but the end result has much more flavour than the marmalade you buy in the shops. The great thing about making marmalade yourself is that you can experiment with the amount of sugar you use and any additional flavour enhancers. 

Makes 750g.

Orange marmalade

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As needed:


sugar, depending on the weight of the ctirus fruits

Preparation method

  • Thoroughly rinse the oranges and lemons.
  • Cook the fruit in the water until done.
  • Remove the fruit from the liquid, setting the liquid to one side.
  • Weigh the fruit; you need the equivalent weight in sugar to make the marmalade.
  • Cut the fruit into quarters and use a spoon to remove the flesh.
  • Finely dice the peel and return to the liquid.
  • Add the sugar and reduce the mixture until the peel is covered with a lovely syrup. Bear in mind that the marmalade will get thicker as it cools. 

Serving suggestions

  • Combine with a creamy strained yoghurt and granola as part of a breakfast.
  • Combine with pancakes.
  • Combine with toasted brioche, cream cheese, and oats. 

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