Original tempura batter

This light batter is ideal for deep-frying vegetables, fish and meat. The tempura flour sold wholesale already contains powdered egg yolk and is therefore a convenience product. This is the original Japanese recipe. Don't worry if the batter has lumps in it: it is, in fact, supposed to be lumpy and this produces the best result.

Recipe for 400 grams of batter. 

Original tempura batter

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all-purpose flour



egg yolk



ice-cold water



potato or corn starch

Preparation method

  • Mix the water with the egg yolk.
  • Mix the flour with the starch and subsequently mix with the ice-cold water and egg mixture. Don't mix too thoroughly: it should contain a few lumps.
  • Ensure that the products you are deep-frying have been thoroughly dried. Dip these in the batter until fully covered and deep-fry in oil at 180°C.
  • Use the batter immediately or within a few hours. Store it in the refrigerator if you do not use it straightaway.
  • For an extra crunchy result you can drip a little extra batter over the products during the first 20 seconds of deep-frying.

Serving suggestions

  • To deep-fry cooked and peeled prawns, raw or cooked vegetables and fresh herbs (shiso leaf).
  • Tempura vegetables are delicious with green tea salt and/or tsuyu (a variety of soy sauce).

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