Pan-fried venison cutlet

However simple it may seem, it's the details that make a difference. A very flavourful result can be achieved by basting the meat with the frothy, nutty-flavoured butter.

Pan-fried venison cutlet

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venison cutlets






salt and pepper

Preparation method

  • Allow the venison cutlets to come up to room temperature.
  • Season the venison cutlets with salt and pepper.
  • Add the butter to a hot pan and wait until it stops bubbling. Make sure you choose the right sized pan. Use a small one if you're only frying one cutlet.
  • Place the cutlets in the pan and fry on one side until nice and brown. Baste regularly with the frothy butter.
  • Keep adjusting the heat to prevent the butter from burning.
  • Turn over the cutlets and repeat the process until they are cooked to perfection.
  • Leave the cutlets to rest for a few minutes, either in aluminium foil or in a warm place near the stove or in a heating cabinet.
  • Season with salt and pepper if required.

Serving suggestions

  • In a composition with pumpkin mousseline with orange, sweet-and-sour celeriac, lightly smoked celeriac jus, and an onion choucroute.
  • Serve with components such as potato, mushroom, onion, tomato, sweet pepper, courgette, or aubergine, etc.

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