Poached chicken with vegetables

A cooking method that has almost been forgotten, but if time and temperature are both perfectly controlled the result is fantastic! This can be eaten as a sort of pot-au-feu or the chicken and the broth can be processed separately into other dishes.

Poached chicken with vegetables

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whole chicken of your choice









waxy potatoes, unpeeled






bay leaves

As needed


white peppercorns

As needed



Preparation method

  • Prepare the chicken, if necessary.
  • Pare the carrots and cut to the desired size.
  • Cut the potatoes and celery to the desired size.
  • Boil water in a suitable pan with the thyme, bay leaves, white peppercorns and salt.
  • Add the chicken and simmer for about 35 minutes.
  • Add the vegetables, potato and herbs and bring to the boil once more.
  • Simmer gently until the chicken is done.
  • Season the stock to taste with salt and pepper.

Serving suggestions

  • As a pot-au-feu: serve chicken pieces together with the potatoes, vegetables and broth. Finish with fresh herbs, if desired.
  • Process the chicken separately: in a salad, for instance.
  • The broth and the chicken can also be used for further preparation in a ragout or salpicon.

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