Powdered peas

This component can be used as an extra flavour-enhancer in a dish in which peas or broad beans are used. By drying the pods, the flavour of peas is enhanced. A perfect example of a Waste to Taste component. 

Creation by Dennis Steenbergen, De Hoefslag* restaurant, Bosch en Duin, the Netherlands.

Powdered peas

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peas, shelled

Preparation method

  • Briefly blanch the shelled peas and plunge them immediately into iced water.
  • Double-pod the peas and set aside the skins. Use the peas for another preparation.
  • Place the skins on a tray lined with baking paper, lightly salt them and dry them in an oven at 70°C. 

Serving suggestions

  • In combination with green legumes, shellfish and crustaceans, and herbs.
  • As a finish for a dish with lamb.

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