Preserved egg yolks

Preserving the egg yolk in a salt and sugar mixture changes the structure of the yolk. Do not leave the egg yolk in this mixture for too long, as the drying process will continue too far.

Preserved egg yolks

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coarse salt






egg yolks

Preparation method

  • Mix the sugar with the coarse salt and pour into a 1/2 gastronorm pan.
  • Use a whole egg to make 24 indentations in the sugar-salt mixture.
  • Place muslin cloth top of the sugar-salt mixture.
  • Separate the eggs and place the egg yolks inside the indentations. 
  • Place the gastronorm pan in an open container in the cold store, as close as possible to the fan, and let it dry for twelve hours.
  • After twelve hours, carefully turn the egg yolks over and dry for another twelve hours.
  • Use within two days.

Serving suggestions

  • As a substitute for the classic egg yolk on steak tartare.
  • As a component in a vegetarian risotto with mushrooms.
  • In a composition with pancetta, French bean tagliatelle, asparagus ribbons, and BBQ oil.

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