Quail rouleau

Creation by Erik Hermans, De Limonadefabriek, Streefkerk, the Netherlands.

Quail rouleau

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chicken farce



celery leaf




Preparation method

  • Bone the quails so that the fillets remain joined. Remove the legs and wings.
  • Cook the legs and wings and remove the meat once they've cooled.
  • Fold the meat into the farce together with the chopped celery leaf.
  • Sprinkle the transglutaminase over the fillet and top off with a spoon of the farce.
  • Roll up the rouleau in cling film and cook at 63°C for 30 minutes.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with components of oxheart cabbage, red cabbage, potato, lentils, Brussel sprouts, apples, nuts, mushrooms, or leeks.

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