Raspberry candyfloss

The nostalgia of childhood meets contemporary culinary style. Candyfloss is 100% granulated sugar and requires some balance as a culinary component. Here, we have created mini candyflosses and dusted these with freeze-dried raspberry powder. You can use any type of freeze-dried fruit powder or even ground popcorn to dust your candyfloss.

Raspberry candyfloss

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granulated sugar



freeze-dried raspberries (Sosa or Texturas El Bulli)

Preparation method

  • For this method it is best to use a large professional candyfloss machine. You can also use a smaller candyfloss machine for home use or simply buy ready-made candyfloss.
  • Make one large candyfloss and divide this into small balls.
  • Grind the freeze-dried raspberries into a powder in a blender and place in a large vacuum bag.
  • Add one or two balls of candyfloss and squeeze the bag closed.
  • Gently shake the bag until the candyfloss balls are covered in the raspberry powder.
  • Serve directly or store in an air-tight container with silicone granules. Candyfloss is highly hygroscopic and must be stored in a dry place.
  • Garnish the candyfloss with lime cress.

Serving suggestions

  • Try the candyfloss with the powder of freeze-dried passion fruit, pineapple, banana, strawberries, or cassis.
  • Try the candyfloss with strawberry powder and black pepper.
  • Serve as a sweet amuse bouche or as part of a dessert.

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