Raspberry crisp

Makes 400 grams.

Raspberry crisp

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tapioca flour



raspberry coulis

Preparation method

  • Sieve the tapioca flour to remove any lumps.
  • Put in a bowl with the raspberry coulis and stir into a smooth mixture
  • that has the consistency of yoghurt. If the mixture is too thin or too thick simply add either flour or coulis.
  • Spread as thinly as possible onto a silicone baking sheet and cover with a second silicone baking sheet.
  • Bake for approximately 5 minutes at 170°. Keep a close eye on the mixture to see if the desired crunchiness has been attained and to make sure it does not become brown.

Serving suggestions

  • This component goes well with desserts containing raspberries or other red fruits.
  • Delicious combined with white chocolat, green tea, and raw almonds.
  • Perfect paired with cherry, vanilla, and hibiscus.

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