Redcurrant meringue

Adding citric acid ensures that this redcurrant foam retains its lovely tangy flavour. Delicious dried but also wonderful for finishing off a pastry or other type of cake.

Makes 1100g.

Redcurrant meringue

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egg whites



icing sugar



citric acid






redcurrant coulis

Preparation method

  • Beat the egg whites in a food mixer until soft peaks start to form and then add the icing sugar and citric acid.
  • Beat again until soft peaks start to form.
  • Heat the sugar and redcurrant coulis up to 115°C and then quickly pour onto the egg white mixture.
  • Beat at medium speed until the mixture starts to form soft peaks again.
  • Grease the silicone mats with baking spray.
  • Spread the meringue onto the mats or pipe into the desired shape.
  • Dry in the oven at 79°C on a low fan speed and leave the door of the oven open.
  • Store in an airtight container.

Serving suggestions

  • Delicious used in desserts with white chocolate, sponge cake, and yoghurt.
  • Perfect for an adaptation of Eton mess.
  • You can also use this meringue for finishing cakes. Heat the syrup to 118°C and serve the same day.

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