Roasted baby cucumbers

Everyone is acquainted with roasted sweet peppers and anyone who has ever prepared these knows how good they taste! So why not apply this technique to other vegetables too? This recipe makes use of a kitchen blowtorch, but the cucumbers can also be cooked on a hot barbecue. 

Roasted baby cucumbers

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baby cucumbers






peanut oil




Preparation method

  • To make charcoal oil, burn a few pieces of charcoal. Wait until they glow white.
  • Allow to cool down to approx. 200°C and pour a generous amount of peanut oil over the charcoal in one go. Add a tsp salt and allow to infuse for one day. Pour through a coffee filter or a Superbag.
  • This oil can be stored for months and can be used for all sorts of dishes. Do be careful that you never add too much. The taste can easily become too powerful.
  • Skewer the baby cucumbers onto a steel skewer and scorch the sides until black using a kitchen blowtorch or the flame of a gas burner.
  • Slice the cucumbers and sprinkle with the charcoal oil and a little coarse salt.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in cold dishes, e.g. with marinated mackerel, radish and asparagus.
  • As a side dish with grilled meat dishes.

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