Saddle of hare larded with local pork belly

A classic preparation of saddle of hare. In this recipe, the saddle is larded with the belly bacon of the Bentheim Black Pied pig and then cooked on the bone. This creates a more intense flavour and a more tender and juicier end result. You can use any unique type of bacon particular to your own region.

Creation by Thijs Punte, De Swarte Ruijter restaurant, Holten, the Netherlands.

Saddle of hare larded with local pork belly

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saddle of hare



belly bacon (Bentheim Black Pied)






peanut oil



salt and pepper

Preparation method

  • Remove all the membranes from the saddle of hare.
  • Cut the belly bacon into strips of the same size.
  • Use a larding needle to sew the bacon strips across the width onto either side of the fillets.
  • Sear the saddle in a hot pan with the oil.
  • Add the butter and use it to baste the saddle.
  • Turn over the saddle and baste again.
  • Continue cooking the meat in an oven at 90°C until the core reaches a temperature of 49°C.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with a variety of winter vegetables and a beetroot sauce.
  • Serve with an onion tarte tatin, beetroot ketchup, and glazed chestnuts.
  • Serve with components of red cabbage, beetroot, mushrooms, celeriac, apple, pear, oxheart cabbage, kale, etc.

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