Salmon flakes lightly cooked with raspberry vinegar and pink peppercorns

The salmon makes a lovely and delicate flavour pairing with the raspberry vinegar and pink peppercorns. Very easy to prepare, but cooking time is critical!

Recipe makes 1 kilogram.

Salmon flakes lightly cooked with raspberry vinegar and pink peppercorns

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salmon fillet



raspberry vinegar



olive oil



pink peppercorns

As needed:


fleur de sel

Preparation method

  • Slice thin sections of salmon, or carefully separate the individual flakes of the fillet, as in the photo. 
  • Place the flakes on a steel tray.
  • Sprinkle with raspberry vinegar, olive oil, pink peppercorns and fleur de sel. 
  • Heat the flakes in a 50°C oven for approx. 6-8 minutes.
  • The salmon should be half-cooked.

Serving suggestions

  • As an amuse-bouche with a salad of herbs, for example: orache, nasturtium, and flowers such as borage and wood violets.
  • As a starter, e.g. with components of tomato, fennel, or chicory.
  • Perfect in combination with avocado, cucumber, and coriander.

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