Sand dab sandwich with duxelles

An extraordinary taste sensation, perfect for a large banquet.

Sand dab sandwich with duxelles

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sand dab fillets



chestnut mushrooms



garlic, slivered



shallot, finely diced



glace de viande

Preparation method

  • Remove the stems of the mushrooms and slice the caps finely.
  • Sauté the finely sliced mushrooms in the olive oil with half of the sliced garlic and shallots until all the moisture evaporates.
  • Add the glace de viande and season with salt and pepper.
  • Transfer the duxelles to a piping bag with a smooth nozzle.
  • Place the sand dab fillets, bone side up, on a piece of kitchen film.
  • Squeeze a neat dot of the duxelles across the centre of the fillet.
  • Top with the other fillet, bone side down. We now have a sandwich. Season the outside with salt and pepper.
  • Place the sandwich in a vacuum bag and add a little olive oil. Vacuum seal.
  • Cook the sandwich sous vide or in a combi steamer until it reaches a core temperature of 52°C.

Serving suggestions

  • As an amuse-bouche, sliced into tranches on bruschette.
  • As a hot starter with aubergine caviar.
  • Serve with a clear ratatouille bouillon and caper berries.

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