Sand dabs poached in tea of Chinese spices

This preparation originates from China, where it is called 'steamboat'. The ingredients may vary, depending on the region. 

Sand dabs poached in tea of Chinese spices

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sand dab, skin removed



Szechuan pepper



chilli pepper



black bean sauce



garlic cloves



sesame oil



fish stock

Preparation method

  • For the poaching liquid, put the fish stock, Szechuan peppercorns, chilli pepper and black bean sauce in a pan and heat.
  • Poach the sand dab in this liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, grate the garlic and combine with the sesame oil. Serve this as a dip or dressing with the poached sand dab.

Serving suggestions

  • As a main dish with potato, noodles, Chinese broccoli and mushrooms.
  • As main dish with a warm salad of paksoi, spring onions and enoki.

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