Sea bass with puffed scales

A spectacular preparation from the professional kitchen that anyone can make.

Sea bass with puffed scales

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As needed:


sea bass

As needed:


rapeseed oil

As needed:



Preparation method

  • Make sure that the sea bass still has the scales on the skin.
  • Cut the fillets from the sea bass and remove the bones.
  • Cut the sea bass into neat portions, right through the scales.
  • Heat the rapeseed oil to smoking point – this is approximately 220°C.
  • Place the sea bass fillets on a sieve and pour enough of the hot rapeseed oil over the scales until they start to puff.
  • Cook the sea bass fillets in the oven or under the salamander grill until done.
  • Season to taste with salt and serve immediately.

Serving suggestions

  • Delicious in a composition with components of morel mushrooms, watercress, and dill.
  • Goes well with components of truffle, hazelnut, and cauliflower.
  • Perfect served with porcini mushrooms, potato, and cranberries.

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