Shallot krupuk

One of the simplest ways of making a kind of krupuk from scratch. Normally, krupuk is made with tapioca flour; This recipe uses rice but gets the same crisp and airy result. All over Vietnam, you can see these sheets of rice paper being made on the street. They start as a porridge of rice flour and water, and are then spread this out on woven mats (this is where the structure you see on the rice paper comes from) and dried in the sun. Here, we take the sheets, moisten them a second time with egg white, dust them with a flavour, and dry them again. After frying, you have a crispy krupuk with the flavour of your choice. You can make large quantities of this recipe at a time, because once dried they keep for a very long time.

Shallot krupuk

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sheets of rice paper



egg whites, pasteurised



shallots, freeze-dried



salt and black pepper

Preparation method

  • Grind the freeze-dried shallots finely in a food processor or coffee grinder.
  • Add the pepper and salt, making sure that the salt content is fairly high – just a little bit too salty to eat as they are should be right.
  • Place the sheets of rice paper on long strips of grease-free paper and brush on both sides with egg white.
  • Now sprinkle very quickly with the dried shallot mixture.
  • Let the sheets fully dry again. This will take approximately 2 hours.
  • Heat a neutral oil to 190°C and drop rice paper sheets into the oil until they fully expand. This will take approximately 3 seconds.
  • Remove from oil immediately and drain on paper towels.

Serving suggestions

  • A delicious cocktail snack served with sour cream on the side.
  • Use as a crispy garnish for starters or salads.
  • As a garnish for main dishes, e.g. with stewed veal, cabbage and potato dishes.

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