Slow cooked lamb neck rouleau

A lovely slow-cooked piece of meat with a subtle grill flavour.

Slow cooked lamb neck rouleau

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lamb neck



curing salt (colorozo)



white pepper, ground

Preparation method

  • Clean the lamb neck by removing excess fat and membranes with a sharp knife.
  • Season the meat with the white pepper and curing salt.
  • Place the lamb neck in the middle of several layers of cling film and roll up as tightly as possible. For the best results, first tie one end into a knot then pull the neck tight and then tie a knot at the other end.
  • Place in a vacuum bag and pull vacuum.
  • Cook in a Roner (hot water bath) at precisely 62°C for eighteen hours.
  • Take the cooked meat out of the vacuum bag and remove the cling film.
  • Wrap up tightly in new layers of cling film as you did the first time.
  • Set aside in the refrigerator to cool for several hours.
  • Heat up the grill until it is very hot.
  • Cut the neck into the required size and grill briefly to create a diamond pattern.
  • Sprinkle with salt or Maldon salt just before serving.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve in combination with asparagus, aubergine, courgette, green legume, sweet pepper, tomato, onion, or fennel components. 
  • As part of a composition with e.g. artichoke, raw mushroom and carrot. 

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