Smoked bacon and kombu dashi

Dashi is a broth made from kombu (seaweed) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) and is a basic ingredient in Japanese cuisine just like stock is in Western cuisine. It contains a huge amount of umami flavour and can easily be combined with Western dishes. In this variant, we use smoked bacon and kombu to give the dashi a Western character. 

Recipe for about 4,5 liters

Smoked bacon and kombu dashi

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smoked bacon

Preparation method

  • Remove the white powder from the kombu by rubbing it with a dry cloth. This would otherwise make the dashi cloudy.
  • Measure the water and put it in a pan together with the kombu.
  • Heat together to 60°C and leave the kombu to infuse its flavour in the water for around one hour.
  • Add the bacon and heat to 80°C. Leave to infuse for another hour.
  • Set aside to cool and then store in the refrigerator.

Serving suggestions

  • As a basic ingredient in clear soups, e.g. with vacuum-cooked leek chiffonade, slow-cooked bacon, and pea mousseline.
  • As a poaching liquid for whitefish, such as cod or pike perch.
  • This broth can also be used in a summer pea soup.

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