Smoked beetroot dressing

This is a lovely combination of beetroot and smoky flavours.

Recipe by Yornie van Dijk, student at Cas Spijkers Academie, Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Smoked beetroot dressing

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beetroot juice



white balsamic vinegar



sunflower oil (for the smoked oil)



sunflower oil



xanthan gum

Preparation method

  • For this component, use setting 2 of the Big Green Egg: with convEGGtor and a standard grill rack and a Drip Pan.
  • Set the temperature of the Big Green Egg to 80°C.
  • Smoke 6dl sunflower oil on the Big Green Egg for 15 minutes, e.g. with cherry wood.
  • Set to cool.
  • Bring the red beetroot juice to the boil and reduce to 2dl.
  • Mix the reduced beetroot juice with the white balsamic vinegar.
  • Add the sunflower oil and whisk using a hand-held blender until it emulsifies.
  • Next, add the smoked oil, drop by drop.
  • To thicken the mixture, add a little xanthan gum, bit by bit, while continuing to whisk the dressing with the hand-held blender.
  • Pour through a sieve to remove any lumps.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with fish, but also goes nicely with meat, as a starter or a main course. 

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