Sole cutlets

This component is inspired by a technique developed by Jonnie Boer. 

Sole cutlets

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salt and pepper







Preparation method

  • Remove the skin on both sides of the sole or ask the fishmonger to do this for you. 
  • Cut the fillets from the back and belly from one side of the sole along the spine but leave the back and belly fillets on the other side of the fish attached to the bones.
  • Cut the removed fillets into the desired size with a heavy chef's knife or fish shears and keep for a different preparation.
  • Quickly submerge the exposed fish bones in a preheated deep fryer. Do not let the fillets come into contact with the hot oil!
  • Use kitchen towel to remove any remaining cooked fish from the bones, so that the exposed bones are neat and clean.
  • Season the fillets attached to the bone with salt.
  • Heat up a frying pan and add a thin layer of oil.
  • Fry the sole in the oil until a lovely shade of golden brown and add a knob of butter at the very end.

Serving suggestions

  • As a main dish with components of green peas and smoked butter.
  • As a main dish with components of potatoes and parsley.
  • As a main dish with components of chicory and green herbs.
  • As a main dish with components of kale, bacon, and potato.

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