Strawberry spaghetti

This spaghetti can be made from a wide variety of base liquids. Always make sure the mixture packs a sufficient amount of flavour, and keep the dosage of agar agar as low as possible. The equipment needed to make this spaghetti is available from specialised culinary wholesalers.

Makes 400g.

Strawberry spaghetti

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strawberry coulis









agar agar

Preparation method

  • Combine the liquids with the sugar and bring to the boil with the agar agar.
  • Strain and skim the surface with a spoon.
  • Fill a hypodermic needle with the liquid and inject into silicone hoses.
  • Immediately place in an ice water bath and let fully gel.
  • Extrude the spaghetti from the hoses using a siphon with a special adapter.

Serving suggestions

  • Line the walls of a deep-sided plate with the spaghetti, with atsina cress, freeze-dried yoghurt and strawberry as shown in the picture. Finish at the table with a consommé of red fruits and a quenelle of sorbet of yoghurt or lemon verbena.
  • Use in a composition with components of citrus fruit, vanilla, and chocolate.
  • Use in a composition with components of red fruit, avocado, and fennel.

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