Tempering chocolate sous vide

Tempering chocolate (crystallising the fats) can be quite difficult in a standard restaurant kitchen. In this setting, the microwave is often used as a tool, but this requires a great deal of attention. Below is a simple and effective method that works in every kitchen.

Creation by Hidde de Brabander from his book Chocolaterie.

Makes 1 kilogram.

Tempering chocolate sous vide

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Chocolate (dark, milk, or white)

Preparation method

  • Weigh the amount and type of chocolate that you need.
  • Scoop the chocolate into a vacuum sealer bag and pull vacuum.
  • Place in a hot water bath to reach the required final temperature: 28°C for white chocolate, 29 to 30°C for milk chocolate, and 31to 32°C for dark chocolate.
  • Once the chocolate has melted, it can be processed immediately.

Serving suggestions

  • As a decoration for dishes.
  • For coating truffles or other bonbons.
  • To make chocolate decorations.

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