Terrine of sand dab with spinach

The chlorophyll, the leaf green of the spinach, makes for a spectacular colour and flavour combination with the sand dab.

Terrine of sand dab with spinach

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sand dab fillet



spinach, Italian






salt and pepper

Preparation method

  • In a food processor, blend the spinach with the water in several batches (250g spinach and 750g water until all spinach is blended).
  • Strain through a sieve suspended over a pan, and heat the strained liquid to a temperature of 80°C. The liquid will now separate.
  • Pour it through a passing cloth. What remains behind in the cloth is the chlorophyll.
  • Grease a terrine mould with some oil and line with plastic film.
  • Season the sand dab fillets with salt and pepper and put on paper to dry.
  • Start in the terrine mould with a layer of sand dab, with the white side down.
  • Brush the chlorophyll onto the fish, and repeat the layers until the terrine mould is full.
  • Cover the mould with plastic film and bake in a 60°C oven until the terrine reaches a core temperature of 52°C.
  • Refrigerate, weighted down slightly, and set aside for 24 hours.

Serving suggestions

  • As a starter with herbs mesclun and a sauce ravigote.
  • As a component in a cold buffet dish.
  • As a warm entremets course with a sauce of anchovy, capers, and basil.

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