Tomato krupuk

A brand-new technique that presents a number of great options to give dishes a crunchy edge. In this component we use only the drained liquid of tomatoes. As a result there are no solids in the liquid to burn and the krupuk will remain clear.

Recipe makes 400 grams.

Tomato krupuk

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tomato bouillon



tapioca flour

Preparation method

  • Put the tomato bouillon and the tapioca flour in a thermo blender.
  • Blend for 20 minutes at medium speed at a temperature of 90°C.
  • Spread the mass thinly on silicone sheets or silicone paper.
  • Dry at room temperature.
  • Transfer to the freezer. This will make for a better deep-frying result.
  • Deep-fry quickly in oil at 180°C. The krupuk should pop up like a normal krupuk, but will have a little less volume.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in an amuse-bouche, e.g. with a crème of avocado.
  • As a component in a cold starter, e.g. with sweet pepper, olive, green herbs, or chicory components.
  • As a garnish for meat and fish dishes.

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