Tomato rolls

Creation by Sven Elverfeld, Restaurant Aqua***, Wolfsburg, Germany.

Tomato rolls

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small firm tomatoes (Bull’s Heart), whole



Bull’s Heart tomato (eliminate about 0.5 cm of the skin and dice finely)



tomato coulis



olive oil

Preparation method

  • Mix the tomato coulis with the diced Bull’s Heart tomato.
  • Cut the other two tomatoes into 5mm-thin slices. Put one teaspoon of tomato coulis on each slice and roll them like a roulade. Brush with oil and warm them to lukewarm.
  • Preserve the rest of the tomato coulis in the refrigerator.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a composition with e.g. tomato, pork belly, and langoustine components.
  • As part of a composition with e.g. avocado and goat's cheese.
  • As part of a composition with e.g. scallops, garam masala, and citrus.

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