Trout farce

This recipe can be used in various ways such as in a pâté or terrine, but can also be used to stick together other fish fillets or to poach lightly as shown in the photo.

Trout farce

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trout fillet without skin






egg whites, pasteurised



salt and white pepper

Preparation method

  • Whisk the cream, stopping before peaks start to form.
  • Cut the trout fillet into small pieces and mix with the egg white, salt, and white pepper.
  • Place the trout mixture in a food processor and blend until smooth.
  • Put the trout paste in a bowl over ice.
  • Fold the cream through the trout mixture.
  • You can now use the farce as an ingredient. 
  • On the photo the farce is poached as a quenelle.

Serving suggestions

  • As a filling for other types of fish.
  • As a farce between two trout fillets.
  • As a filling for a boudin blanc in a shellfish bisque.

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