Tuna marrow

This is a true example of the Waste to Taste concept! This technique comes to us from three-star chef Joachim Wissler of Restaurant Vendôme in Germany. For the seasoned gourmet!

Tuna marrow

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tuna bones, centre cut



bonito flakes



yuzu juice



flat-leaf parsley



xanthan gum



sesame oil

Preparation method

  • Heat the bonito flakes with the yuzu juice and flat-leafed parsley to 60°C.
  • Let the flavours combine for 30 minutes, then whisk and strain through a passing cloth (etamine).
  • Season to taste with salt.
  • Cut through the thick parts of the bone with an electric knife; this is where the marrow is.
  • Break the bones open, remove the transparent marrow and rinse away any residual blood.
  • Bind the yuzu marinade with xanthan gum and mix in the sesame oil.
  • Heat the marrow lightly under the salamander grill or with a blowtorch.
  • Pour the yuzu juice over the marrow.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component with fried tuna skin and grated coconut fat.

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