Turbot injected with parsley liquid

This unique method of vacuum-cooking turbot is an ode to famous Dutch chef Cas Spijkers. This may seem like a very contemporary preparation but was already included in the chef's book Cas Spijkers en zijn Swaen (Cas Spijkers and his Swaen) published in 1984!

Turbot injected with parsley liquid

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As needed:


turbot fillet



flat-leaf parsley

As needed:



Preparation method

  • Thoroughly wash the parsley.
  • Purée the parsley in a blender until smooth.
  • Set aside to rest for two hours.
  • Drain and catch the parsley liquid.
  • Inject the parsley liquid into the portioned turbot fillets.
  • Salt the fish.
  • Pull vacuum the turbot together with a few spoons of the parsley liquid.
  • Heat in a sous-vide system at precisely 50°C for twelve minutes.

Serving suggestions

  • Cas Spijkers served this preparation of turbot with a white wine sauce, braised carrots, spring onion, and wild rice.
  • As part of a main course served with potato and endive mash and black pudding.
  • As part of a main course served with grilled butterhead lettuce and deep-fried carrots.

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