Warm espuma of flambéed banana

'Espuma' is Spanish for foam, and espumas can be prepared using a base of cream, gelatine, pro-espuma or, somewhat more rarely, with liquid egg white. The advantage of liquid egg white is that it allows you to prepare a warm espuma. This does, however, require some precision, but the result is something truly extraordinary. 

Warm espuma of flambéed banana

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bananas (approx. 2)



cane sugar



crème de banana liqueur



single cream



egg whites, pasteurised

Preparation method

  • In a dry pan, caramelise the cane sugar and then add the banana in pieces.
  • Add the crème de banana and flambé.
  • Then add the single cream, blend with a hand-held blender until fine, and push through a sieve.
  • Mix with the egg white and transfer into a half-litre siphon.
  • Aerate with 1 cartridge. One hour before serving, place in a bain-marie at approximately 65°C.
  • The egg whites will now add some firmness to the foam. Make sure that no matter what happens, the temperature does not get higher than 70°C, otherwise the egg white will set and you will not be able to spray it out of the siphon.
  • Spray on the dish at the moment of serving.

Serving suggestions

  • In combination with vanilla ice cream or ice cream with nutmeg.
  • As a component in a dessert with vacuum-cooked pineapple and vanilla ice cream.
  • As part of a dessert buffet. Top glasses of vanilla parfait at the buffet with the warm espuma.

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