Warm quail's egg yolk

Creation by Sven Elverfeld, Restaurant Aqua***, Wolfsburg, Germany.

Warm quail's egg yolk

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quail’s eggs



grapeseed oil

Preparation method

  • Take the quail eggs and carefully separate the egg yolks from the whites. The whites can be saved for another use.
  • Put the yolks in separate little bowls or cups and pour in the grape seed oil to cover completely.
  • Before serving, pour salt water heated to 85°C into the bowls with the quail eggs and the oil and leave to draw for about 40 seconds.
  • Finally, gently take the yolks out of the bowls.

Serving suggestions

  • As a basis for an amuse-bouche. E.g. with salmon, parsley puree and potato.
  • As a component of a main dish, e.g. with steamed egg white, lamb, potato and green herbs.
  • As a component in a composition with asparagus components.

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