Watercress coulis

This component can be used on its own as a green coulis or as a basis for a green gazpacho. This coulis is imbued with the spicy flavour of the watercress and is given a beautiful, bright-green colour.

Creation by Rick Swinkels, Jacobsz restaurant, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Makes approximately 400g.

Watercress coulis

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ice cubes






xanthan gum

Preparation method

  • Place the watercress and the ice cubes in the thermo blender and blend until smooth on setting 10 as quickly as possible.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine-meshed sieve.
  • Season to taste with salt and xanthan gum. 

Serving suggestions

  • In a starter with white fish for a stunning colour contrast and flavour.
  • Combines beautifully with veal and herbs such as vervain and basil.
  • Delicious in a composition with scallop, cucumber, and radish. 

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