White cabbage leaves prepared in smoked butter

This recipe shows how you can transform a simple cabbage into a unique component. The smoked butter adds a delicate, smoky flavour and imbues the cabbage with a soft and rich flavour.

Makes 1kg.

White cabbage leaves prepared in smoked butter

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white cabbage

As needed:


smoked butter

Preparation method

  • Cut the leaves from the cabbage.
  • Cut circles from the leaves with a round cutter.
  • Put the cabbage-leaf circles and a little smoked butter in a vacuum sealer bag and pull vacuum.
  • Steam in a steamer oven for ten minutes or cook in boiling water for eight to ten minutes.

Serving suggestions

  • In a composition with white fish, such as cod, and components of potato.
  • In a composition with leeks, potato, cream cheese, and crab.
  • As a basic ingredient for a cabbage roll by placing the layers on top of each other and rolling it in cling film. 

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