Whole hake off the bone

The hake fillets have been reconstructed into the shape of the original hake using transglutaminase. However, the bones have been removed.

Whole hake off the bone

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filling of your choice (here we have used pepper puree)

Preparation method

  • Fillet the hake very precisely and keep the fillets of each hake together.
  • Prepare the transglutaminase with a little water to form a paste.
  • Pat the hake fillets dry and spread a thin layer of the paste onto them.
  • Finish off as desired with a flavour element such as the pepper puree from the component 'Basque-style hake'.
  • Stick the fillets together and roll firmly in shrink wrap.
  • Then cook the roll at 65°C in a hot water bath or steamer for about 20 minutes.

Serving suggestions

  • As ‘tournedos’ with a ground elder and potato mash for the flavours of spring.

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