Yoghurt noodles

Spectacular technique that works outstandingly well for dishes prepared at the table. Try serving each guest with an individual small squeeze bottle (available from laboratory supply stores) and letting your guests do their own garnishing at the table.

Yoghurt noodles

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Preparation method

  • Heat the water to 85°C and add the methylcellulose.
  • Dissolve well, add the yoghurt and whisk until smooth, being careful not to beat any air into the mixture.
  • Refrigerate and allow to cool to 4°C.
  • The methylcellulose will bind and emulsify the mixture, which will now gel when sprayed into a hot liquid. Squirted from a small squeeze bottle, it will form noodles.
  • This application is particularly spectacular if done at the table, such as with a consommé of chocolate or red fruits.
  • Heat the consommé to approximately 80°C, pour into a preheated glass and serve immediately.
  • At the table, spray thin strands of yoghurt into the glass. The yoghurt will immediately take and keep its shape.

Serving suggestions

  • With a consommé of red fruits or dark chocolate.
  • As yoghurt noodles in a savoury stock, e.g. langoustine bouillon.

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