Salted hake, parsley stems, and Finnish caviar in buttermilk

Born in Denmark in 1974, Rasmus Kofoed grew up surrounded by nature as he helped his parents pick wild herbs, look for mushrooms, catch fish, and prepare meals. His childhood is what continues to inspire him today as he looks for the best seasonal ingredients that nature has to offer, all provided by the land.

Rasmus previously worked in restaurants throughout Denmark, including Kommandanten and Krogs Fiske restaurant. He then moved to Scholteshof** restaurant in Belgium where his career was launched. Following this, he returned to Copenhagen to become the chef de cuisine at Hotel D’Angleterre. 

In 2003 he was nominated for the Denmark Chef of the Year award. This nomination was only the beginning of a multitude of prizes. In 2004 he won the Danish Bocuse d’Or-qualification and also won the Nordic Chef of the Year award in Sweden. Rasmus is the only chef in the world to have won gold (2011), silver (2007), and bronze (2005) at the Bocuse d’Or and also to have won gold (2010) at the Bocuse d’Or Europe.

Rasmus is now co-owner and head chef of restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen. Under the leadership of chef Kofoed, this restaurant has received many distinctions including receiving 42nd place on the S. Pellegrino list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, being named the best Scandinavian restaurant in 2013, and being awarded two Michelin stars in 2012 and 2013. The cuisine of Geranium is clear and light. Here, Rasmus endeavours to create meals that involve all the senses and which challenge and enrich. 

Creation by Rasmus Kofoed, Geranium** restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Salted hake, parsley stems, and Finnish caviar in buttermilk

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scales from the hake






parsley ash



10% salt water solution



Finnish caviar



parsley stems, finely chopped



parsley oil



clarified buttermilk



mussel stock




Preparation method: salted hake
  • Fillet the hake and cut into long thick strips.
  • Place the pieces of hake into the salt water solution for 15 minutes, then dry thoroughly.
  • Coat each piece thickly with the ash.
  • Then place all the pieces together and roll up into a large, tight roll.
  • Freeze until set, and then slice thinly.
  • Place the slices on a plate and allow to defrost.
 Preparation method: crispy scales
  • Deep-fry the dried scales at 160°C until crisp.
  • Season with salt.
 Preparation method: buttermilk sauce
  • Blend together the stock, clarified buttermilk, and butter.
  • Season with salt.
  • Finish with the caviar, parsley, and the oil just before serving.
 Finishing & presentation
  • Place the slices on a plate and allow to defrost.
  • Pour the sauce evenly over the fish, then sprinkle with the scales. 

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