Spit-roasted celeriac, wild Wadden Sea oysters, and black Spanish radish

Joris Bijdendijk (1984) is the executive chef at RIJKS® restaurant. At the age of sixteen, Joris decided that he wanted to become a chef. After several internships his career launched when he was just nineteen and he started working in Ron Blaauw's restaurant, which bears the same name. In the years that Joris worked there, the restaurant was awarded its first and second Michelin star.

After working at the restaurant for six years, Joris decided to go to France where he wanted to work with a living legend at a big restaurant that had at least two Michelin stars. After a lengthy search in Paris and Lyon he found Jardin des Senses** owned by brothers Jacques and Laurent Pourcel. Unfortunately the restaurant did not have a vacancy for him at that time, but after six months he was offered a job there and became the restaurant's sous chef. After two years he returned to the Netherlands to start working as the executive chef at Bridges where he was awarded a Michelin star in his first year. In 2014 he left Bridges to start as executive chef at Vermaat Groep and at RIJKS® restaurant where he was awarded a Michelin star in 2016.

At RIJKS® the emphasis is on simplicity and the kitchen is committed to using sustainable and local products. Joris sees it as his mission to develop a new cuisine for the Netherlands, just as René Redzepi had done in Scandinavia. This vision is put to paper in his book Bijdendijk, een keuken voor de lage landen (Bijdendijk's Dutch cuisine) which will be published in November.

The caramel that forms on the outside of the celeriac is simply moreish. I could just cut away that outer layer and eat that.

Serves 4.

Creation by Joris Bijdendijk, RIJKS®, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Spit-roasted celeriac, wild Wadden Sea oysters, and black Spanish radish

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wild Wadden Sea oysters



confitted garlic puree



sunflower oil



lime, juice and zest









long black Spanish radish



chinata sauce

Preparation method: spit-roasted celeriac
  • Thoroughly clean the celeriac.
  • Gently cook the celeriac in salted water for 90 minutes or steam in in a steam oven at 100°C for 90 minutes.
  • Place the celeriac on the spit and roast for one to two hours until golden brown. You can also bake the celeriac in an oven at 170°C for one to two hours until golden brown.
  • Baste the celeriac with melted butter every ten minutes in both methods.
Preparation method: oyster cream made of wild Wadden Sea oysters
  • Open the oysters and save the oyster juice.
  • Place the garlic puree, lime juice and zest, and the oysters in a blender. Add the oil, drop by drop, while the blender is running, until you have a smooth mayonnaise-like cream. If the cream is too thick, add a little of the oyster juice.
  • Transfer the cream to a piping bag and store in a cool place.
Finishing & presentation
  • Wash the black Spanish radish and use a mandolin to cut thin slices. Place the slices in iced water for five minutes.
  • Portion the roasted celeriac into equal-sized pieces.
  • Pipe the oyster cream on the celeriac and top off with slices of black Spanish radish.
  • Spoon two tablespoons of chinata sauce in the place and place the celeriac on top.

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