Broccoli Enlarge

Broccoli consists of small, greenish-purplish flower buds with thick stems. It is a fresh, crunchy vegetable with a mild cabbage flavour. Broccoli is related to cauliflower, but we actually eat the still closed flower buds of the plant and these have a more refined and spicier flavour. In Italy, the leaves are also eaten. In China, broccoli has been crossed with Chinese green cabbage to produce tenderstem broccoli.

Basic techniques: boiling, frying, grilling, deep-frying, braising, blanching, stir-frying, steaming.

Taste combinations: anchovies, beef, bacon, blue cheese, cauliflower, chilli, garlic, hard cheese, beurre noisette, lemon, peanut, pork, pine nut, walnut.